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Customer Reviews & Stories for Wyatt’s Paint & Body in Redlands, CA

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Customer Reviews & Stories

Customer Reviews & Stories From Redlands, CA

"I crashed my car and it was taken there by our insurance company. Car was ready when they said it would be. Pick up was a breeze. No complications, customer service was satisfactory. I would take my car there again."

- Martha Horton

"Very good service . Also great customer service"

- Nikki H.

"This place is the best shop they are trusting loyal and honest. You can not ask more from this shop. They do great work from paint to fixing bent frames to simple oil changes. They finish your car/truck in good timing. I recommend every person I know or don't know to this place that need a repair."

- Antonio H.

"My husband's car was sideswiped on his way to work, so I looked for a shop to take his car to be fixed. I found Wyatt's Paint & Body at their new location in Redlands by referral from a friend. I was impressed by the office and shop and by their professional demeanor and decided to use them for the repair.

They offered to deal with the other party's insurance company, which we didn't take them up on right away. We dealt with the insurance company for awhile and it was a big hassle trying to connect on the phone with them and get responses to our questions. When we let Gina at Wyatt's take that over, our stress level in the whole process went way down. She handled communications with the other insurance company and got us answers quickly.

Chris at Wyatt's took care of the repair and we couldn't be more pleased with the outcome. The car looks like new again and he caught tiny things like the headlight mount being cracked, which he replaced. He even touched up an unrelated scratch in another area, and you can't even tell!

I definitely recommend Wyatt's (both Redlands & San Bernardino) to anyone who needs body work done. You'll be treated like a valued customer and get great results!"

- Sheila D.