When it comes to paint, we can match it.  Our skilled techs can match your vehicle's paint so the parts we repair will match your vehicle perfectly. We treat all paint repairs with the same care, returning your vehicle to its pre-accident condition. We use environmentally friendly, water-based paints and our paint comes with a lifetime warranty. 

The paint of your vehicle is what prevents it from deteriorating and rusting. There are multiple types of paints and many ways to apply them. Preparation is necessary to ensure a flawless finish. 

Some people think that once you purchase a new panel for a vehicle, it's ready to be painted. Unfortunately, that is not necessarily the case. Many new panels have to be straightened, gaps have to be filled, and this can be a time-consuming process, but it's very necessary to get a beautiful looking vehicle.

Existing paint has to be removed with sanding and any filling also needs to be sanded until the body of the car is totally smooth.

Custom Paint Work

The paint process itself is a multi-step procedure. Many layers have to be applied to the vehicle to make it last a long time, and look just like new.

The following are some of the layers that are applied to all vehicles we restore:

Basecoat is the coating layer that gives color and aesthetic look. Our base coatings won't fade for many, many years, keeping the color of your vehicle looking just like new.

The clear coat is the top coating layer that protects all other layers from the elements. Day after day it withstands acids, sunlight, rain and every beating your vehicle takes from normal "wear and tear". It also gives your car or truck the shine of a new vehicle.

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